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  • November 1 – Uncertainty, the ?Fiscal Cliff? and Cash Needs from Your Investments, Vanguard Moves to Reduce its ETF Costs, Mutual Fund Costs Decline in Latest Decade, But Not by Much
  • August 1 – Being the ?One Percent? with Your Investments, 401(k) Costs can be Hazardous to Your Investment Health, Investment Returns and US Presidential Terms
  • May 1 – Cost of Vanguard ETFs Still Decreasing, Genes and Investing ? ?Natural Stock Selection?, Sharing Your Financial Position and Plans with Your Family
  • February 1 – Medical Privacy and Your Unmarried Child, Big Bond Fund Manager Stumbles, S&P 500 Stock Funds have Added Costs, Chasing Investment Trends??The Foolishness of Crowds?


  • November 1 – Changing My Personal Stance on Social Security Benefits, Low Cost Investment Wins in Fourth Research Study, Kiplinger?s Personal Finance Magazine: ?Vanguard Takes the Lead?, Firm Brochure and Privacy Disclosures Available
  • August 1 – Short-term vs. Long-term and Important vs. Relatively Unimportant, Another Way of Viewing the Importance of Investment Costs, ?Mattress? Investors Missed Rebound
  • May 1The Economist?s Take on the Risks of Owning Real Estate, Is that iPad 2 Really Worth $2,000?, Book Review ? Fault Lines
  • February 1 – Book Review of Why the West Rules?For Now: The Patterns of History, and What They Reveal About the Future, Past Is No Guarantee of Future Investment Performance?Fidelity Magellan?, The U-bend of Life, Why Beyond Middle Age, People Get Happier



  • November 1 – Financial Reform Legislation, Other Effects, Using Morningstar “Star Ratings” or Expenses to Pick Funds?, Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act Humor
  • August 1 – Financial Reform Legislation, Some Effects, Healthcare Reform Effect on Roth IRA Conversions?, Staying the Course
  • May 1 – The Best Shall Be Worst, 15 Roth IRA Conversion Traps, Books About the Financial Crisis
  • February 1 – 2010 A Year of Uncertainty in Estate Taxation, Roth IRA Conversions—Changes in the Law for 2010, Up the Creek When That Rainy Day Comes


  • November 1 – Good News About Index Funds From Kiplinger’s, Burton Malkiel Talks the Random Walk
  • August 1 – Buy and Hold Stocks – Two Experts Comment, “Fee-only” Compensation for Advisors Triumphs “Across the Pond”, Pleased to Provide Additional Disclosure
  • May 1 – Not a Depression, Words from Various Experts, Nearly half of Long-Term Care Claimants are Under Age 65, Business as Usual at SEC?
  • February 1 – Saving Taxes in 2009 by Contributing FROM your IRA, Thoughts on the Madoff Scandal, Donor-Advised Funds—an Attractive Way of Giving It Away


  • November 1 – Bear Markets and Our Investments, Bear Markets Provide Opportunities to Realize Tax Losses, “Tax Freebie” for Lower Income Investors
  • August 1 – Buffett’s Advice to the Berkshire Faithful: Buy Index Funds, Pleased to Provide Additional Disclosure, Study Shows Investors Suffer Using Active Load Funds, The SEC Looks at Rule 12b-1 fees charged to mutual fund owners
  • May 1 – Tax-Efficient Equity Investing: a Tale of Two Funds, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), Another Definition, A Decade of Success in Using the Secret to Picking Investments, Study Finds Hedge Funds Fail To Help Diversify Portfolios
  • February 1 – Jeremy Siegel’s Forecast for 2008, Two Investment Pioneers Talk Investment Basics, Vanguard’s New International Stock ETF, “A Load of Bull”, Survey Faults Broker-Sold Mutual Funds


  • November 1 – Vanguard Requires Conversion of Admiral Shares to Signal Shares, Morningstar Gives Up, Can’t Pick, Vanguard Performance in ETFs Compared, Brokerage Firm Discloses “Preferred Mutual Funds” Effects
  • August 1 – Mutual Fund Performance IS Affected by Performance Advertising, Jonathan Clements on Owning Individual Bonds vs. Bond Funds, Vanguard Founder Has Education Bone to Pick, Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance Available Through Employers
  • May 1 – What’s New at TDAmeritrade, Vanguard Lower Cost Bond ETFs Begin Trading, The Efficient Market Hypothesis and Mutual Fund Costs, May I Use You as a Reference?
  • February 1 – Hedge Fund Hidden Risks and Commodity Investing, In 2007 Smartt Rockets into the 1990s, Opens Website, Good News on Stock Transaction Costs, Kiplinger’s Asks: Can We Afford to Grow Old?


  • November 1 – Pension Protection Act of 2006 – Charitable IRA Rollovers, The Benefits of Paying Lower Mutual Fund Fees, Does Size Matter? The Debate over “Fundamental Indexing, Dos and Don’ts for Getting Kids into Giving
  • August 1 – Wharton and Harvard Students: “Low…Financial Sophistication”, Morningstar: Tax-Managed Funds Are “Dead”, Has Residential Real Estate Been a Good Investment Lately?, A Quote for Everyone
  • May 1 – 30th Birthday of Indexed Investing Coming!, What You Ought to Know About Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Mutual Fund Tax Bills Rise Sharply, Seven Clues to How Soon You Can Retire
  • February 1 – Mutual Fund Roulette, the More You Play, the More You Lose, Big Fees Hit Small Plans, Things Your Car Insurer Won’t Tell You, Spending Patterns—Spending Declines as We Age?


  • November 1 – TD Waterhouse to Merge with Ameritrade II. What Are OUR and THEIR Asset Allocations? III. Vanguard Rates of Return (through September 30, 2005) IV. Brokers, the “Merrill Lynch Rule” and Independent Advisors V. Roth IRAs and Roth 401(k) Plans; Great Tools for Retirement Saving VI. Portfolio Diversification
  • August 1 – Retirement “Aces in the Hole” II. What Are OUR and THEIR Asset Allocations? III. Vanguard Rates of Return (through June 30, 2005) IV. Past Performance and Our “Pre-Wired” Brains
  • May 1 – Paula Joins the Business, Investors and Their Mistakes, Why Investment Costs Matter, Best Section 529 College Savings Plans
  • February 1 – The Emerging Field of Behavioral Finance, Best Fiduciary-Rated Fund Groups, Bond Funds or Individual Bonds?