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Approach & Philosophy

I provide advice to assist clients to make good investment and financial decisions. I help clients in three important ways:

  1. Selecting and maintaining an asset allocation: A mix of stock, bond, and other investments which has the highest chance of helping you reach your financial objectives
  2. Lower all investment costs: You get to keep more of the fruits of your investments
  3. Placing each investment in the best “site.” Each of your investments is owned in the right type of account to eliminate or defer income tax costs.  


I Am A Fee-Only Advisor

Fee-only advisors have a policy of no sales commissions.  This allows us to choose the investments which have the best chance of helping you meet your investment goals independent of how we are compensated.  The leading fee-only organization is NAPFA, the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors.  As a member of NAPFA, each year I take NAPFA’s fiduciary oath to place my clients’ financial interests ahead of my own.



I Assist My Clients in Two Main Ways

Continuing Investment Management

More than 90% of my practice is continuing assistance with investments.  I charge ½% per year of the value of investments managed (not 1% as is customary).  This includes end of quarter reporting, annual capital gain summaries, and, for no further charge, advice to help you solve, or begin to solve, any investment or financial question.  The minimum amount of investments for this service is currently $100,000.

Advice By The Hour

For individuals who wish to DIY, do it yourself, I provide advice by the hour, $175 per hour, no minimum time.  We can generally get a lot accomplished in an hour or an hour and a half.  If you begin with advice by the hour and decide that you would rather have continuing investment management, some or all of the hourly charges may be rebated against investment management fees.