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John M. Smartt, Jr.

Registered Investment Advisor Representative

I was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee.  I was with Price Waterhouse offices in Nashville, Washington, DC, and San Antonio.  I returned to Knoxville in 1990.

I love what I do, and I am grateful that I began to find my investment management calling at an early age. One childhood summer I boarded my aunt’s dog while she was on her honeymoon. She gave me my first mutual fund shares as a thank-you gift for that work. I have had an interest in investing for more than 50 years.

Education & Experience

A BS from Wharton, an MBA from the University of Michigan, and 18 years of audit experience in Price Waterhouse–9 years as a partner–have allowed me to see the inner workings of virtually all types of businesses. Trained as an accountant and credentialed as a CPA, I know the income tax consequences of investments as well.

When I left Price Waterhouse and received the return of my capital in 1989, I began assisting individuals with their investments. That year I also found Vanguard’s first index fund.  Vanguard mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) are the backbone of my personal investments and my investment management and advice practice.

My Practice

Much of my practice is the result of referrals from current clients, from CPAs, and from persons who share my interest in volunteer work. My home office is in Knoxville, Tennessee, close to I-40.  My clients are based coast-to-coast.

Professional Affiliations

I am a member of NAPFA, the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (the “fee-only” association). I am also a member of the Tennessee Society of CPAs.

Community Service

Habitat For Humanity

I am an active Habitat for Humanity construction volunteer.  My clients understand that I am not as accessible, occasionally on Tuesdays and Thursdays, during “Habitat time.” In addition to Habitat, I lead the investments group at the O’Connor Senior Citizens Center. I am active in my church, with the Friends of the Knox County Library, and with several other organizations.  


I am a model train operator, a stamp collector and I take most of my vacations in Great Britain watching soccer, and visiting cathedrals, churches and industrial history sites.